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At Teddy Bear we specialize in high quality, locally sourced products and materials. We are happy to offer you a wide variety of solutions for projects of all sizes. From the most delicate flowerbed to the biggest commercial work site, we stock what you need!

Ask us about delivery of any of our products, we'd be happy to schedule something for you. We have options for bulk discounts, custom bundled services and products, and flexible scheduling. We look forward to serving your needs, so give us a call for a free quote!
Our fresh manure is sourced from a local dairy farm where they use water to separate the solids from the liquids. A very good all-purpose soil amendment for both commercial and home use.
This high quality compost is brought in exclusively from Ostrom’s mushroom farm. It consists of wheat, straw, poultry litter, gypsum, alfalfa screenings, sugar beet, lime and urea. This non-organic mix is composted and sterilized for use as a soil amendment.
Certified Organic from Silver Springs, this excellent quality mulch consists only of 99% yard waste/garden spoils, floral/tree trimmings, leaves, grass clippings, and about 1% food waste. This soil amendment makes a great top dressing for flower beds and around trees.
Great for use in septic areas, French drains, and other applications where proper drainage is priority.
This versatile rock can be used for French drains or a decorative rock garden.
This attractive screened crushed rock contains no sand or small particles. Makes a great clean finish on driveways or pathways.
Excellent for initial rock layer on new driveways that have lots of dirt or mud. Great at leaching away water, it is also used for culverts.
A smaller screened crushed rock containing no sand or small particles. Great for a clean finish on driveways or pathways.
(Available for delivery only) –These round rocks are smaller than pea gravel, but larger than standard sand. Commonly used in arenas, walkways or decorative areas.
This is our only sand that meets code requirements for septic systems.
Our all-purpose concrete mix consisting of 1 part Cement – 2 parts Sand – 3 parts pea gravel or 7/8” drain rock.
This crushed product is great for compacting under roadways or concrete pours. Also works great for pathways and filling potholes.
A crushed aggregate for use as single pass road base or to fill in mud areas.
Ideal rocks for short walls or decorative borders or ponds, these can be placed into whatever custom configuration you need.
This versatile gravel Is self compacting and will not shrink/compact. Great for playgrounds.
This versatile round rock gravel baro is used mainly for new road base and structural fill.
A striking decorative red pumice rock for use around flower beds. This rock is not compactable and will crush if heavy loads are put onto it.
These pleasant looking rocks are perfect for Ponds, waterways, water features to mimic river beds.
This basic washed sand is ideal for bases for decorative products. It is not considered a code acceptable septic sand.
An economical 2 ½ inch minus round rock with top soil mixed in. A great generic fill or garage fill that also works well in mud.
A hearty mix of 49% Cow manure, 2% alder sawdust, 49% topsoil, this blend is screened together and ideal for growing vegetables or flowers.
Our best garden mix is 60% premium topsoil (low sand dirt), 20% organic mulch from Silver Springs, and 20% organic chicken manure. Fantastic for vegetable gardens, this blend is screened together thoroughly.
This well rounded blend of 35% Cow manure, 5% alder sawdust and 60% topsoil is screened together for best results. A great mix for planting lawn seed, laying sod, filling in dead spots in your lawn!
This sandy dirt with pea gravel is primarily used for fill dirt and ideal for filling holes and low spots.
Ideal for vegetable and flower gardens alike. A great product to mix with soil to make it less acidic.
These coarse cedar chips are used for playground areas as they have fewer splinters. Also looks and works great in pathways, gardens and flower beds.
A nice looking, small chunky fir bark for use as a top coat decorative bark. Also works well as a weed barrier.
Dark Bark is an attractively dark-hued, double grind aged fir bark. It makes excellent garden mulch and groundcover.
Great for trees/berries, this quality bark can be mixed with dirt to make the soil more acidic. Can also be used for top dressing and makes a very effective weed barrier.
A soft, pliable shaving most often used for animal bedding.
This absorbent shredded wood product is ideal for muddy areas, near animal pens and on pathways. It will also make soil more acidic if mixed.
This chunky fir bark makes a wonderful decorative top coat and doubles as a great weed barrier.
This light colored shredded fir product works nicely for top dressing and is also very effective as a weed barrier.

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